Enjoy the local wildlife right on your doorstep!

Wonderful Wildlife!

As a nature lover, it is wonderful to be surrounded by so much local wildlife and wonderful scenery. Warrenside has woodland on three sides and therefore you are surrounded by wildlife galore, right from the garden!

Both Muntjacs & Roe-deer visit the garden most days/nights and can be seen feeding on the garden shrubs and rooting in the lawn for the any new roots.

There is also a Badger set immediately behind the garden fence and the badgers regularly visit the garden under the cover of darkness. So far we have only managed to see them on the wildlife camera that we set up in the garden – we have pictures of them rooting in the lawn for worms and eating carrots that we leave out for the deer. But yet to spot them “live”!

We also have a wide variety of birds that visit us, including Buzzards, Kestrel, Sparrow-hawks, Tawny & Barn Owls and recently there has been a pair of woodcocks in the trees at the bottom of the garden. They occasionally visit the garden to feed on earth worms and bugs, but we have only seen them whilst inside the cottage looking out from the window, they never visit whilst we are sitting in the garden- obviously shy!

Over Christmas we watched Wrens, Blue-tits, Robins and Chaffinches feeding from the garden bird feeders, with Black birds and Thrushes pecking for worms.

We were rewarded with a spectacular display from a pair of male Pheasants fighting over a female -none of them seemed to get hurt and it was wonderful to watch them with all the beautiful plumage fluffed up!

What treats could be in store in Warrenside garden next time?