Donna Nook Nature Reserve

Donna Nook is home to a colony of grey seals during the winter months where they come onto the Lincolnshire beaches to breed.

Donna Nook covers more than 10km (6.25 miles) of coastline between Grainthorpe Haven in the north and Saltfleet in the south where it borders the Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe National Nature Reserve. Every November and December, grey seals come to the Donna Nook coastline to give birth to their pups near the sand dunes; a wildlife spectacle which attracts visitors from across the UK.

Viewing seals at Donna Nook The viewing area is open from late October to December at the foot of the sand dunes which acts to reduces disturbance to the seals and ensures the safety of visitors. Seals are large predators and are very powerful. They can move surprisingly quickly and, having teeth similar to a dog, can inflict a nasty bite – including the pups. Mothers with pups can be very protective and male bulls can be aggressive.